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  • 190508: Click here for my story about hooking up a 1943 Vibroplex keyer to a raspberry pi tone generator for CW ("continuous wave") morse code sending practice.
  • 190313: Starting to learn Morse Code using the online website lcwo.net which you can remember from the acronym "Learn CW Online". There are lots of sites and programs you can use, but this one is free and easy to use. I like it so far - its something I've always wanted to learn.
  • 190216: The ARISS decided to do an another event this weekend with the same images. I ran out during the day on Friday at work, and all day Saturday to acquire as many images as I could. I've been updating my ISS post with new images as I get them.
  • 190209: I managed to capture an image from the ISS - read full report here. The resulting image wasn't great, but I got the software set up and working and actually received something sent from a space station which is freaking awesome!
  • 190208: Read an announcement that the ISS would be doing an event this weekend, Feb 8-10, 2019
  • 190106: On the LIMARC tech net, Curtis (missed call sign) asked about a radio that he bought on Amazon by SocoTran - model ST-7900d which he was having difficulty programming. One suggestion might be to try using Chirp instead of the software which comes with the radio (that wouldn't run on his PC) because Chirp supports this radio. Some investigation suggests the SocoTran is a re-branded QYT model KT-7900d. If so, this video should help him program his radio, or at the very least googling QYT instead of SocoTran should help
  • 190102: Mentioned this awesome On Air light that I got for Christmas made from a box from Savers. The light is battery operated and has a remote with a timer.
  • 181114: Polybius and digital optical telegraphy
  • 181106: Samuel Morse - creative genius
  • 181010: JS8CALL by Jordan Sherer (KN4CRD) is still very much in development but promises a much faster FT8Call which is basically texting over the radio. I mentioned how I thought this might be the future of ham radio given that I never see kids talking on phones but only texting. Originally heard about this in this QRZ forum post
  • 180919: OsmAnd - Offline mobile maps and navigation application. OsmAnd at Play Store for Android
  • 180912: Julian OH8STN posted a video about how he uses a raspberry pi for portable field station

YouTube Radio Mentors

  • Dave KE0OG - Classroom level Ham information presented in a prepared and organized manner aimed at new Hams
  • Kevin KB9RLW - General Ham information, field trips, stories
  • Jim W6LG - digs into the details and performs a lot of tests to explain theory, higher level discussion
  • Michael KB9VBR - makes and sells antennas on his website jpole-antenna.com, and makes informative short videos about ham radio

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  • Radio Shack PRO-97 programming - this scanner became less useful in Suffolk after the County trunk system re-banding but it still works as a conventional scanner

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