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YouTube Radio Mentors

  • Julian, OH8STN - US Expat and Ham Radio Operator living in Finland. Promotes Amateur radio as a utility for off-grid, grid-down fixed and field communications
  • Dave KE0OG - Classroom level Ham information presented in a prepared and organized manner aimed at new Hams
  • Kevin KB9RLW - General Ham information, field trips, stories
  • Jim W6LG - digs into the details and performs a lot of tests to explain theory, higher level discussion
  • Michael KB9VBR - makes and sells antennas on his website jpole-antenna.com, and makes informative short videos about ham radio

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Scanning related

  • Radio Shack PRO-97 programming - this scanner became less useful in Suffolk after the County trunk system re-banding but it still works as a conventional scanner

Local Organizations serving Suffolk County, NY

Other Amateur Organizations of interest